The Stroke Association Supportnetwork-Ghana (SASNET GHANA) is established with a mission and a vision to support people to rebuild their lives after stroke.

We believe that , everyone in Ghana affected with Stroke or living with Stroke deserves to live the best life as part of their right as human.

SASNET GHANA provide support through our interventional flagship programmes for persons with Stroke at the community level where access to Post Discharge Stroke Support are not available such as Community Life After Stroke Programme (Rehabilatation).

Post Discharge Stroke Support (PDSS) a programme aimed at connecting Stroke Survivors with the Stroke Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) , remind and follow up on Stroke Survivors appointments , connect stroke survivors to experts ,etc. Implementation Science and research in Stroke, CVD ,Hypertension and NCDs(Obesity) .
Campaign to raise awareness about Stroke ,CVD ,Hypertension and NCDs (Obesity) among the population and advocate for policy change.

Focus areas :

-Life After Stroke Programmes (Rebuilding Lives After Stroke
–Rehabiitation, Integration and Assistive Technology(AT)
–F.A.S.T Campaign
–CVD ,Hypertension Obesity and NCDs Projects.


SASNET GHANA Call Center provides accurate and up-to-date evidence information for carers, Health care Professionals , persons with Stroke ,etc about Stroke, CVD and NCDs.

Our door are open for collaborative research work in Stroke ,CVD, Hypertension ,Obesity , NCDs which are aimed to improving treatments, care rehabilitation and Assistive Technology.

Volunteering and Partnership
Our doors are open for volunteers and partnership are very critical for the recovery of stroke survivors and for the implementation of projects across Ghana.

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