Charlene Murray and George Scola were in their 30’s when they had a stroke. After having survived the stroke, they faced the monumental task of adjusting back into society. Fortunately, both had devoted friends and family to support them, and they had the financial resources to access the professional help they needed to re-enter society and forge a new future. This support was vital to their recovery.

However, throughout the world, but particularly in South Africa, not everyone is so fortunate!

Understanding this dire situation, they felt compelled to create The Stroke Survivors Foundation (SSF) to offer support to other stroke survivors and their families.

The SSF encourage survivors to participate in community programs, as well as provide support, motivation and inspiration to other survivors and their families.

Becoming a stroke survivor does not mean the “end”, but rather can potentially spell the “beginning” of a new way of life, new goals and new ambitions. A stroke changes the dynamics and circumstances in life and Post Discharge Stroke Support (PDSS) provides the opportunity to deal with this newfound dynamic with a positive attitude and work towards achieving success, despite the event.

PDSS is an online platform evolved from a collaborating list of self-started projects by various teams around the world who share the following beliefs:

·         PDSS overcomes existing barriers preventing post-discharge stroke and care support

·         PDSS technology offers the path of least resistance allowing to provide support, care and information/content dissemination.

·         Stroke care IS highly localized.

·         Stroke care and support can only improve when teams on the ground delivering service are empowered.

·         Entrepreneurial spirit and desire to serve are the most precious assets to improve stroke care.

The SSF’s core purpose is to provide stroke survivors, their families and caregivers, with understanding the psychosocial impact of the stroke and the appropriate environment for support and care.

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